Out of State Residents

If you do not live in Minnesota or Wisconsin you may still eligible to enroll in our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program at Interstate Truck Driving School depending on which state you live in.  You will need a Class D drivers license and a CDL permit issued from your domicile state. The cost for the program is $4995.00 plus $150.00 for the testing fee. Please call our office at 1-866-860-4664 to find out if your home state will allow you to train and test in another state.

You will take your CDL road test in Wisconsin.  The examiner from WI will transmit the results of your test back to your home state electronically.  When you return to your home state you will be able to apply for your CDL license as Federal Rules require states to accept the testing done in non-domicile states.

You may complete 100 hours of your coursework via the internet online.  There will be a total of 60 hours of hands on training spread out between our simulators, our backing range, and driving with an instructor on the road.  A minimum of ten hours on the range is required and a minimum of ten hours on the road is required.  The 60 hours of hands on training can be completed in two weeks with advance scheduling (you MUST schedule in advance, please do not just show up and expect us to be able to put you in a truck).

You can enroll over the phone (1-866-860-4664) and send in a check or use a credit card.  The online training can be started as soon as you pay for the program.  You can complete the 100 hours of online coursework as quickly as you would like. It is possible to complete the coursework in 8 to 10 days and the practical in 12 days by planning ahead and devoting full time to the program.

You will need to pass a DOT drug screen on your first day of hands on training. You need to be able to pass a DOT physical to be eligible for the program.

Books, drug screen, and materials are included in the tuition so there are no hidden fees. 

Due to licensing restrictions, our short Class A, Class B, and Bus training programs are not available to students that live outside of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

We have had students from California, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington state, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Vermount, Ohio and Missouri.  Most of our out of state students are enrolling to avoid the long wait times to obtain a CDL license in their home state. There is no waiting to enroll or start in this program at Interstate Truck Driving School.  Once payment is received, student can schedule all of their training and testing provided they have their CDL permit.