Changing Careers?

Let's be honest....driving a truck is not a first choice for many people.  So why become a truck driver?

Bottom line, it's the money.  Truck drivers have a very secure occupation as long as they stay healthy and keep a clean driving record.

How much can you make?  As a rule of thumb, for every hour you are willing to work a week, you can expect to make that many thousands of dollars per year.  So work 40 hours a week, you will make $40,000.00 per year.  Work 60, make $60,000.00.  Do you want to make $70,000.00?  Then work 70 hours per week.

There are plenty of job advancement opportunities in trucking.  We have had several students that intend to start their own trucking companies and they start out here at Interstate.

You might want to become an owner operator with your own rig.  We can give you the start you need.

Feel free to stop in our office to discuss the multitude of options in trucking.