Classroom Instruction

The 1st two days of our program consist of an orientation to our training and the opportunities in the trucking industry. 

During the third day of on-campus attendance, students undergo an assessment of their backing skills, establishing a baseline for their proficiency level. Based on this assessment, personalized lesson plans are developed to cater to each student's unique experience and requirements. Once students attain proficiency in basic inspection skills, they progress to further training in backing and driving.

Scheduled CDL road tests are contingent upon students demonstrating proficiency in all essential skills for safe and lawful operation of commercial vehicles. Our approach ensures that each student receives tailored instruction and progresses at their own pace towards successful completion of the program.

The Theory training required by the FMCSA Regulation 380 Subp F will be provided with on online text.  Students will be able to work on the Theory Training at their own pace. 

Our system provides CDL Road Tests with NO DELAYS!  Students are provided road tests as soon as they are ready. Retests are also provided without delay and without charge.*



Prices and Programs are subject to change without notice. Tuition fees are due on the first day of class. Refund policy is printed on the Student Contract. With prior written authorization or Purchase Order, public agencies are permitted terms allowing for payment within 30 days of invoice to be billed on student’s first day of class/training. Students must follow lesson plan in order to receive re-tests without charge.