Frequently Asked Questions for new students - FAQ

New Student FAQ

What if I do not pass the DOT physical?

If you have an issue that prevents you from passing the DOT physical we will guide you through the process of seeking a waiver or a medical remedy to help you.  We will give you honest advice but ultimately it is your decision if you want to continue to proceed with your training.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a written refund policy based on how much training your have received.  You will receive a copy of the refund policy with your contract when you enroll.  

What if something happens that interrupts my training?

Training needs to be completed within 180 days of starting a program.  I something interferes with your progress, we will address your situation on a case by case basis.  There may be additional charges of up to 50% of the current cost for tuition if there is a significant interruption in your training. 

Is housing available?

We do not have housing on site but there is a hotel (Envision) within a block of our South St. Paul campus.  There is also a motel within walking distance of our sister school in Hudson, WI.

Are you on a bus line?

Yes, the 71 Route runs within a block of our South St. Paul Campus.