Meet the Staff

The challenge of operating a good business that truly serves the public is to find good employees.  Bill Collins, the owner of Interstate, works very hard to find the best instructors possible.  Most of our instructors are former students or former state CDL road test examiners.  Our office staff are hand picked by Bill to provide nothing short of excellent customer service.  Please stop by for a tour and we will introduce you to most of our staff on your visit.

Bill Collins
Founder / Owner / Instructor

Bill is the founder and sole owner of Interstate Truck Driving School.  He has been licensed as a Professional Driving Instructor since 1979 and driving big rigs since 1975.  Bill has trained thousands of students over the years including police officers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and high school students.

Instructor Management Support Staff
Pat Ackerman
Director of Training

Pat has been licensed as an instructor by the Minnesota Dept of Public Safety for many years.  He is our training coordinator and works with students to see how they are progressing and guide through the training process. Pat has been working for Bill Collins for over 25 years. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job.  Each student will have a face to face meeting with Pat to schedule their driving activities, including one on one driving lessons, backing range practice, and simulator training. Pat enjoys his Mustang convertable during the summer months.

Josh W.
Senior Admissions Director

Got a question about Interstate? Josh can help you. He can take care of your questions about the school and the industry. He's also in charge of scheduling Recruiter Visits from over 40 different trucking companies looking to hire our students. In addition, he uses his talents to produce our instructional videos.  He loves his video work creating up to date and accurate videos for our training.  Josh is a dad of four boys and is a big baseball fan. 

Management Support Staff
Melissa C
Office Manager & VA Liaison

Melissa is a paralegal and our office manager.  She has extensive experience in the corporate world and is in charge of working with the VA and our Veterans that are taking training with help from the G.I. Bill® benefits.Melissa enjoys riding her quarter horse, "Foley", and babysitting her grandsons Silas, Miles, Eli, Felix and Jack.

Management Support Staff
Tim Hoskin
Retired Instructor

Tim Hoskin is a former Interstate student and was a full time instructor at Interstate for over 12 years. and a part time instructor for another 4 years.  He is now retired and spending more time with other interests.  He was a great asset to our organization for many years and we wish him good times in the future. 

Bubba Aguirre
On Medical Leave

Bubba Aguirre is a former State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driving Examiner.  He now works full time for the Minnesota Department of Commerce and former Red Cross CPR Instructor. Bubba is on a medical leave for the time being and not active as an instructor but we hope his health improves and he can come back to assist us in the future.

Susan T
Customer Support

Susan is our newest member of our customer support team. She previously worked as a vocational instructor. Her many years spent as an educator has allowed her to develop the organizational and communication skills necessary for excellent customer support. Susan enjoys spending time with her family, consisting of her husband Jeremy, and their children Ariana and Logan. She also has two canine children Bella Blu and Chico (pugs)




Support Staff
Jason Searcy

Jason's uncle was an over the road truck driver when he was growing up and sparked his interest in driving.  Prior to becoming an instructor for Interstate, Jason drove big rigs for a regional LTL company for 18 years and had a perfect safety record.  The last 18 months he worked as a trainer for the company.  Jason also has been a racetrack announcer for 25 years and currently announces at Elko Speedway on Saturday nights during the summer. 

Jason works for us as both a classroom instructor and an on the road trainer. 

Tom Gilliam

Tom is an old school driver with a new school approach. He was basically born into the business having his family been in the trucking industry since he was a child. Tom has experience in various platforms in the industry including van, reefer, flat bed, decked units and some oversized. He has been an instructor / trainer in the industry for various companies and enjoys passing on his knowledge to others.

  • David McGuire
David McGuire
Driving Instructor

David has joined our top notch training team with over 20 years experience hauling a wide variety of hazardous materials.  

Over the years, he has safely transported gasoline, ethanol, acid, corrosives, and compressed gases.  His focus on safety provides him with the perfect insight to assist the new driver to acquire the skills necessary to meet those same standards. He has had both local positions and jobs that took him over the road. 

Customer Service Representative

Clint has an extensive background in customer service ranging from retail sales to restaurant management. He also had  a period working with C.H. Robinson as freight broker, giving him a great understanding of the hard workers in this industry. 

He prides himself in the 3 F's: faith, family, and fun!  Always looking to meet new people and greeting them with a smile and sharing a laugh. When not at work, he's getting quality time in with his family, or with his younger brother who he mentors in football.
Support Staff
Fred Bozvay
Training Schedule Manager

Interstate Truck Driving School is different from most other schools because our our ability to provide training that is tailored to the individual. Fred works with our Director of Training to formulate a training program specifically to assist the individual. All one on one lessons, evaluations, and CDL Road Tests are scheduled by Fred.  By having one individual do all of the scheduling avoids confusion.  Fred tracks each student's progress to be certain they meet the proficiency requirements established by the FMCSA Training Regulations Part 380. This is a key ingredient in what makes Interstate the Best of the Best in Truck Driver Training. 

Wayne Meyer

Wayne graduated from Interstate several years ago and went on to successful career with over 2.5 million miles during his 20+ years on the road.  He has pulled dry van and refridgerated trailers along with worked in construction. He logged 1.2 million safe miles with a Midwest Carrier.  His experience far exceeds what is required to be a truck driving instructor and we are grateful to have him as part of our team.

Wayne also has a rich history with training others in a variety of industries and enjoys sharing his knowledge. 

When not working with students, Wayne can be found spending time with family, volunteering time with the BPO Elks, camping in the BWCA, and hunting.