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May 8th UPDATE

There is no progress to report on the closing of the State of Minnesota DVS locations that provide the CDL Permit Testing.  

Three weeks ago we were told by the Minnesota Trucking Association that the Department of Public Safety would be making a CDL Permit Test available online but that has not happened.  We have reached out to the Director of Driver and Vehicle Services, Emma Corrie, asking for an update but she has not replied to our request. We have also been asking our students to reach out to their state Representatives and let them know about the problem. 

The Minnesota DVS is providing CDL road tests.  They have been very resourceful in coming up with a method of testing that protects all concerned from Covid-19.  It stands to reason that DVS could be just as resourceful and come up with a method of providing safe CDL Permit Testing.

There are well paying truck driving jobs available today.  It would be helpful if every one reading this story would reach out to their state reps and let them know about the roadblock that new drivers are dealing with and ask for a solution.

Here is a link to help you find your state representatives in the House and the Senate